1. What is the Bay Area Models Guild?

    The Bay Area Models’ Guild (BAMG) is a member-run professional organization for artists’ models in the San Francisco Bay Area. Technically a California non- profit mutual benefit corporation, the Guild has written by-laws, a board of directors, and officers.

  2. Are there other guilds for artists’ models?

    Not many that we know of. Palo Alto, CA, is home to the Palo Alto Models Guild, which is smaller than BAMG and organized differently.

  3. How did the Bay Area Models Guild start?

    A group of art models, led by model Flo Allen, founded the Guild in 1946.

  4. What does it take to model?

    Minimally, a model must be able to take a pose and hold it without moving, for as short a time as a few seconds or as long a time as twenty minutes, and must be able to return to the pose if required. Nude models must be able to be stared at naked by a roomful of strangers without feeling weird about it. There is a whole art to modeling, and qualities like creativity and professionalism are highly prized.

  5. Can anybody join the Guild?

    Anybody can audition to join the Guild. A candidate who passes the audition must pay a deposit, attend an orientation, and survive a probationary period, only then becoming a Guild model in good standing.

  6. Are there restrictions on age, appearance, body type, etc.?

    No. The Guild accepts models of both sexes, all ages over 18, and every body type. That does not mean that all Guild models can expect to get the same amount of work, however. Younger, leaner, more athletic models are preferred by many clients, and consequently get more work than models of other types.

  7. Is there a printable brochure available with information about the Guild that I can distribute to others to spread news about the organization?

    Yes! We are happy to offer a downloadable PDF that you can print out from your home computer with all the relevant information about BAMG, including our mission statement, contact information and how to become a client or model.

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