Amber Kourtney

  • Height: 5’1″
  • Weight: 122 lbs.
  • Skin: Fair
  • Hair: Godiva-esque length to bottom, naturally dirty/strawberry blonde and wavy

Classical figure, professional, easy going, versatile, adventurous, inspired

Has a large arsenal of costumes and interchangeable pieces, as well as extensive make up palette and ability.

An art model with many years of experience in various genres of both life modeling and photography. Strong with both short gesture poses and extended poses, I love being a part of the creative process. My body lends itself especially well to light and shadow work as well as abstracts/bodyscapes. I especially love creating outdoors. I have a large variety of experience and am comfortable in a diverse range of styles and genres and am very comfortable with my body which gives ease and fluidity in which I can work in various settings and themes, styles, and genres, as well as comfortability posing with other art models.


On creative expression through the eyes of a model:
Tools: Shadows, Lighting, Movement, Stillness, Curves, Angles, Expression, Long Hair, Joy, Sadness, Empathy, Incorporation, Interconnection, Spatial Awareness, Attention to Shapes within Poses, Art, Life, Nature, People, Creation, Interaction, Play, Beauty in the Unusual, Expression through Form


My life is a constant journey of creative expression. Whether while posing for an art project or photoshoot, or during a human interaction; there is always an emphasis on creation. One day it may be actually using my hands in a concrete art project, another it may be creating a new character in my day to day interactions with the people on the subway… Sometimes it could just be stepping back and changing my perspective before I speak/act…Other times it is trying a new way of listening or communicating… It could even be the way I style my outfit or walk down the street…Either way I feel that if one is truly an artist whether in the classical sense or in spirit, there is never actually a moment that does not have either undertones or the driving force is creation…Unless it is destruction which-always yields to and is in essence the foundation for creation…Which is why I love the medium of figure modeling because I am a part of making a vision a reality, ultimate creation.


Male and Female Models