Model Application

We are currently taking, by online application process, male models with 1 year or more experience. 1 year is considered to be at least 30 3-hour modeling sessions, working with at least 3 instructors and at least 2 institutions. Model applicants are required to own at least two costumes and have no facial hair. In particular, we are seeking actors and those of athletic build, with an emphasis on diversity. Be computer literate.

Please read the required documents What You Need to Know About the Bay Area Models’ Guild and What the Bay Area Models’ Guild Is and What We’re About before applying.

If you qualify for the application process, fill out the following online application and pay the $25 application fee via Paypal.

After we receive your application, we will contact you with our considerations. We will either ask you for more information; for a future meeting; or we will tell you that we’ll keep your application on file. Your processing fee will not be returned if you are not accepted into the Guild. Make sure that you qualify for this on-line process (1 year experience, own 2 costumes, no facial hair) as we will not return you application fee.